I would consider myself technologically savvy. I have grown up using computers and taught myself how to use various programs. I used to make newsletters for fun and for my class in elementary school and worked on secondary school newspapers and yearbooks. I have also taken a web design class so I know the basics of HTML. I use my computer and iPhone almost everyday, but there is always something more I can learn!

I hope to learn more about how I can use technology as an aid in my future classroom in order for my students to get a well rounded education. I am also looking forward to learning more about excel, since I have never learned much about it.

It was interesting to take a survey and read about my learning style. I was fairly well balanced in the areas of “active and reflective” and “sensing and intuitive” although I was leaning more towards active and sensing. I do believe that I am, for the most part, balanced in those areas. I like to think about each detail as well as working hands-on and memorizing information. I am more of a visual learner according to the survey. I work best with lectures and taking notes, however I think the act of seeing the words in a textbook or seeing a picture/diagram is more helpful than listening to someone speaking. I would definitely consider myself more of a sequential learner than a global learner. I like to think out each step or detail to find a solution or understand a general concept. Overall I think the survey results reflected my personal learning style.



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