Word has been the go-to program for both me and my teachers. I’ve used it mostly for essays and papers; sometimes including pictures in them. I often use the word count feature since most of my essays have a required minimum or maximum number of words. My teachers mostly use word to type up instructions for assignments and for their class syllabus. When I was in elementary school we would hand-write rough drafts but type our final draft so that it is more legible and edited. I realized a few activities I could do with my class using Word when reading chapter 9. Creating a newspaper or brochure is a great way for students to take information and put it into their own words and sentences in a creative way. Word also makes their writing more legible and organized and is many times faster than handwriting. To teach my students how to use Word and other computer features, putting them into groups is a great idea. Those who are experts on one topic can help others and also learn from others. One thing I didn’t think of before is to create matching activities for them using a table. Another great way to use the table feature is to have students record their grades and track their progress. At the end of the year or quarter they can graph the data.

I have heard many times from my teachers that they can’t put something on blackboard or they can’t make copies for everyone because it violates copyright laws. The podcast on copyright and fair use guidelines helps explain the reasons for such laws. As a teacher I will need to read and review these guidelines and make sure that I have permission to use certain items and works in my classroom. It is also important to teach my students about copyrighting and plagiarism so they don’t make the mistake of taking someone else’s work.

Through the Word & Graphics 1 assignment I learned that there are ways to edit a picture inside a word document, there is a feature to view two documents side by side, and under references there is an easy way to insert a citation. I think I will use these features a lot more now that I know where to find them and how to use them. I already knew how to make a table, but now I will use it to evenly space and organize information or test questions. Most of the tools we learned about in class were tools that I already use daily or have figured out how to use when I need them.



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