Free/Open Course: EdX


I chose “Justice” ER22x because the description talks about human rights and debates on current controversial issues, which are very interesting to me. I don’t think this class, or type of class, is not built into my education curriculum, but I plan to study those kinds of topics outside of the classroom. I think free/open courses allow people who want to learn about a specific topic to get the information without paying for it or receiving credit. People need to be self-motivated and interested in the course content in order to be successful in completing the course. The fact that an open course can be free is another motivating factor for people to learn outside of a classroom and outside of degree requirements. Harvard’s open course initiatives imply that they want others who may not attend Harvard or who may not be able to afford higher education to have the opportunity to learn. I personally think that no one should be denied an education just because they can’t afford it.

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