I will create and maintain a website as a teacher. I think that it is an easy and quick way to get information out to parents or give reminders to students. My teachers from elementary school up to high school in Virginia had class websites, but my high school teachers in Florida did not. In elementary school the class sites were attached to the school’s homepage and in middle and high school they used blackboard. I have had some teachers utilize their website to the fullest and others who only put their email address on it. I believe that I will add something to my website everyday in order to keep up-to-date information. I like that blackboard gives teachers the opportunity to have separate class pages, but it is more difficult for parents to see the information. If my future school does not use blackboard, or maybe even if it does, I will create my own class website. I think it is important for students to have at-home access to their homework assignments, important dates, and helpful resources in case they forget to write something down at school. Blackboard is great for teacher to student interaction; however, I also think that it is important for parents to have easy access to information. If they send an email or are waiting for an email update, it is not as timely or efficient as having a website that they can go to at any time of the day.

In addition to having a website for my class, I also plan to utilize the myriad of resources for teachers online. I might follow or even write my own teacher blog. Following other teachers on a blog site or twitter can be beneficial when I have questions or need inspiration or creative ideas. On twitter I could follow other educational resources for quick updates on legislation or current hot topics. I also plan to use technology to help teach my students. I could use Prezi to present new information, or show my students how to use it. Prezi is a website that allows you to create entertaining and engaging presentations. I will also create projects for my students that are computer-based in order to teach and review a topic/subject we have been discussing in class while simultaneously teaching them vital computer skills. I know that more technology and resources will make its way to classrooms even before I graduate.

I had never made a wiki before, so it was an interesting experience. I didn’t particularly enjoy the assignment and I do not think I will be using that tool in the future. I thought pbworks was a little difficult to navigate and understand. I also did not think the final products looked professional, nor do I understand how the site could be useful if not for a school assignment. Maybe a high school teacher could have his/her students do an assignment using pbworks, but I will not use the site for elementary school students. To improve the assignment for next time, I would like to suggest that the wiki project highlight how and why a teacher might do a wiki project in their classroom.






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  1. Good point about Blackboard – I think some teachers forget that parents might want to know what’s going on but their students won’t tell them or long into Blackboard for them to see. Another way you could do this is by sending out emails semi-reguarly with classroom updates.

    I completely agree with your evaluation of pbworks. I didn’t think the page looked professional at all, and was really busy/distracting.

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