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There Was an Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe
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I think there are more advantages than disadvantages to using presentation software in the classroom. Presentations benefit both the speaker and the audience. The speaker can use the presentation as notes to guide their lecture/speech. The audience can look up at the screen to catch material they missed as well as to write down the key facts from that slide/topic. The only disadvantage I could see with a presentation is that some people might read ahead on the screen and not pay attention to what the speaker is saying. So to solve that problem, I would hide the later information/points until the speaker is ready to talk about them. This way, the audience doesn’t jump ahead and/or miss something important that the speaker said and the speaker can stay on topic and follow the order of points they originally set.

The digital divide is the divide between those who do and don’t have access to technology as well as the knowledge and skills of using various technologies. Students who learn how to use technology, especially computers, early in life will have confidence and more job opportunities, while those students who did not have access to computers could have a disadvantage later in life. Jobs in technology, like information technology, are growing, so it is important to provide every student equal opportunity to enter that work force if they so choose. As a teacher, you should provide class time to allow students to complete projects that involve using the computer as well as teach basic and necessary computer skills. I have been privileged to have as much technology as I have and to have grown up that way. I never had to worry about how I would complete my projects. However, there will always be students who may not have access to technology, even as technology increases over the years. So I will be sensitive to those who will not have access to a computer and provide alternative/additional ways to get the projects done.

The digital divide is always a concerning issue. I imagine it will sometimes be difficult to make enough time for the computer lab to complete projects, but everyone deserves a fair chance to learn and to do their work to the best of their ability. Another issue regarding technology in education is online plagiarism. For high school, and maybe even middle school, students they can turn in their papers to an online site that checks for plagiarism. However, younger students do not necessarily know what plagiarism is and there is also not a very good/effective way to check if a student copied their project. Most projects are physical at a younger age; meaning they cannot be turned in over the internet, they are handed in in their physical form. It is important to teach students at a young age what plagiarism is, that it is illegal, and how to cite the websites they used (even if it has to be in a simple form).

Here is a link to the top 10 technology issues in education today: http://www.education.com/reference/article/ten-issues-shaping-today-technology/